Afghanistan suffers from an inordinate number of orphans because of the length of war. The Afghan government has opened at least one public orphanage in each of the thirty-four provinces. These orphanages are not adequately supplied with necessities. At the same time, so much school supplies and children’s clothing go to waste in the United States! Since 2003, Kabultec has collected unwanted and overstocked supplies and clothing from US donors (such as schools, charity organizations, and individuals) and utilized a US government program to ship them to Kabul. There Kabultec (via its sister organization, the Roqia Center) works with the Afghan Ministry of Labor and Social Services to identify the neediest orphanages and distributes the goods to them. It is not uncommon to give a pair of socks to an orphan that has never worn them before, or a toy that he/she has never had! We have had very good cooperation from the US and Afghan governments in this and plan to continue to collect and ship in the future.

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