Kabultec and its sister organization The Roqia Center have been involved in promoting women’s rights in Afghanistan since the mid-1990’s. When the Taliban came to Afghanistan and removed all the inalienable rights of women by means of religious fetwas, Kabultec began advocacy for restoring these rights. At first it was to educate the public about the history of women’s rights in Afghanistan by participating in conferences, giving interviews, holding seminars, and writing articles. Then after Negar’s historic Dushanbe conference that resulted in the Declaration of the Essential Rights of Afghan Women, Kabultec undertook a systematic effort to collect signatures in support of restoring the rights in a new constitution of Afghanistan. As such, Kabultec worked with diverse groups of people both inside and outside the country–civil society activists, United Nations’ missions, famous politicians, intellectuals, and influential individuals the world over. In the end Negar, Kabultec, and our partners were able to collect over three hundred thousand support signatures.  After Operation Enduring Freedom commenced in 2001, Kabultec established operations in Afghanistan to collect more signatures and promote women’s rights among the entire population, as well as lobby among Afghan leaders and politicians. We also delivered one hundred thousand signatures to the Revision Commission of the Constitution which helped it include article 22 that declares equal rights for men and women in front of the law.

Current Work

Recently, Kabultec and The Roqia Center have been active in helping realize these rights by:

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