We believe that a literate populace, as well as a keen awareness of democracy and civil rights, are of the highest benefit to Afghanistan’s development.  We are committed to providing free education to a sector often overlooked when it comes to education:  Afghan women and their husbands. Additionally, we are committed to disseminating accurate information on the following Afghanistan-based topics:

  • women’s rights
  • democracy
  • the Afghan constitution
  • elections
  • women’s leadership
  • good governance
  • ending violence against women

We provide this information both to members of the Afghan population (especially disadvantaged citizens), as well as any interested stakeholders living in the United States.

Mission Statement

Kabultec’s mission is to provide aid and comfort to the women and children of Afghanistan. Specific purposes include:

  • Securing the legitimate rights of Afghan women as equal citizens in the Constitution and public laws of Afghanistan.
  • Support for literacy programs for women and families in Afghanistan.
  • Provision of educational materials, school supplies, and books to schools and libraries in Afghanistan.
  • Promotion of women’s conferences in Afghanistan with the aim of strengthening female self-esteem and consciousness as equal citizens of Afghanistan.
  • Support for the Roquia Center for Rights, Studies, and Education, a non-profit civil society organization established in Kabul, Afghanistan for the purpose of coordinating the activities listed above.


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