Outreach are activities that we do to communicate our message to citizens in both the United States and Afghanistan.  Our work in America is very much that. We explain Afghanistan to Americans. We bring handiwork from Afghan women’s groups to show and sell in America; so that way Americans learn more about Afghanistan life and culture. We also present Afghan food and news. We bring people to give talks on Afghanistan and female issues, as well as give talks ourselves. Kabultec’s founder Nasrine Gross frequently showcases and publicizes her books on Afghanistan.  We organize professional talks, offer cultural events, and host professional visitors to both the US and Afghanistan, all with the goal of helping outsiders better understand Afghan culture, and vice versa.

In Afghanistan, the Roqia Center carries out similar operations. We bring crafts from America to show and donate to the Afghan people. Kabultec and the Roqia Center bring American experts to give lectures to Afghans, with the goal of educating Afghans on American life and culture.

Our specific outreach activities are:

  • Benefit Dinner – Once a year Kabultec hosts an Afghan dinner + silent auction. In addition to authentic Afghan food and handicrafts, Kabultec’s founder Nasrine Gross presents Kabultec’s most recent work in Afghanistan.
  • Talks/Symposia – Kabultec and the Roqia Center have given talks, as well as hosted talks on Afghanistan, women’s rights, and other related topics.
  • Home Circles — Home Circles is a new initiative where anyone can invite friends to their home for ice cream, and we come screen the famous documentary Love Letters from Kabul, about Kabultec’s unique couple’s literacy program.

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