Kabultec is a United States charity organization founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of helping Afghan women in Afghanistan and providing information on Afghan women in the U.S.

In the U.S., Kabultec has a board of directors who reviews activities and plans, and helps organize fund raising.  Kabultec also has volunteers that help with events and projects. Kabultec holds regular fundraisers (by means of selling Afghan women-produced goods) and participates in/hosts seminars, symposia, and conferences raising awareness for Afghan women and their fight.

In Afghanistan, Kabultec has a sister organization, the Roqia Center for Women’s Rights, Studies and Education–a official Afghan charity organization registered with the Afghanistan Ministry of Justice. Most of the funds raised by Kabultec are directed to the Roqia Center and its in-country programs meant to directly aid the people of Afghanistan. The Roqia Center is involved in adult literacy, democracy building by way of seminars, women’s rights, fighting violence against women, and publishing books/articles on topics related to women’s issues.

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