In 2002 I attended a literacy conference in San Diego, California. There I met a young man, James Owens, who was writing a book about the importance of books and reading but from the experiences of people reading a memorable book. He asked me if I would write about a memorable book that I had read and I did. I think I was the first to write for his book.

It took James over ten years to collect from enough people to make the writings into a book and he entitled it “THE WORLD IS JUST A BOOK AWAY.”

He now has developed a podcast where he interviews each author to speak about him/her self and their life work. He has been kind to me and has kept in touch all these years. Last June 2019 he interviewed me for his podcast and here it is. See a link to the podcast at the bottom of this page.  Hope you enjoy listening to it and learn some things about Afghanistan as well!

He is using the proceeds from the sale of the book in his charity organization, WIJABA that is for girls’ education!  See more about the organization and the book on the WIJABA website.

Thank you!

Nasrine Gross
Founder & President

Nasrine Gross, Author

Nasrine Gross Featured in Literacy Podcast
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