Friends and Colleagues,

Ramadan – – the month of cleansing our soul and reaching out to the less fortunate – – is upon us, and if you are looking for a good cause to help, think of adult literacy in Afghanistan! It is estimated that about 85% of Afghan women and about 80% of Afghan men are illiterate! Since 2003 Kabultec has provided adult literacy classes to the country’s most down trodden populations.
Kabultec believes in instilling in each student a strong work ethic, a sense of family and community, a love of freedom, and skills to build their life with value, quality and self-confidence. These values are stressed in our literacy training.

Please join us in helping Afghanistan’s adults achieve these ideals through learning how to read, write, and do arithmetic! Help us rekindle in them values of self-help, respect for all, and peaceful living!

We are asking that this year you again donate a part of your fitr-e roza or fedya-ye roza (if you have it) to Kabultec. You will thus contribute to the literacy of adult men and women in the poorest communities of the country!

Please donate either via our donate page, or a check made payable to Kabultec (mail to PO Box 2079, Falls Church, VA 22042). For this wonderful tax-deductible contribution, you will receive a signed and sealed receipt from Kabultec! Do please include your return address with your donation.

Thank you and may God bless all of us this coming Ramadan!

Nasrine Gross
Founder & President

Ramadan 2017 Appeal Letter
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