STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FOR THE¬†DECLARATION OF THE ESSENTIAL RIGHTS OF AFGHAN WOMENThrough this statement I/we express my/our support both for the inclusion of the Declaration of the Essential Rights of Afghan Women in the immediate peace process to achieve full restoration of the civil and political rights of women, and to women’s participation in the interim and long-term governance of Afghanistan.

I/we understand that the most extreme violation of human and political rights in the world has been vigorously pursued in Afghanistan under the reign of terror imposed by the Taliban militias. In response to this oppression, on June 28, 2000, three hundred Afghan women from all segments of the Afghan nation including many Afghan women’s organizations assembled in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to draft and promulgate the Declaration of the Essential Rights of Afghan Women.

With this Declaration Afghan women affirm and demand for themselves the inalienable rights that had been assured for them by previous Constitutions of Afghanistan. Afghan women reject the false assertions of the Taliban militias, and the Taliban’s supporters, that these rights were contradictory to the religion, culture or traditions of Afghan society.

Currently, the collapse of the Taliban militias has created a critical transition period for achieving peace in Afghanistan and a crucial window of opportunity to ensure the restoration of women’s rights. The integration of the Declaration into the peace process, and eventually into the next Constitution of Afghanistan, is essential for establishing a just, honorable, durable and legitimate peace in a country whose women have experienced so much suffering. We believe that ‘participation’ alone will not achieve this peace.

By signing this Statement of Support I/we call upon all Afghans and Afghan groups as well as the United States government, the United Nations, and other national governments who play a role in the peace process for Afghanistan, to:

1. Include the Declaration of the Essential Rights of Afghan Women as an integral part of any negotiated peace agreement.
2. Ensure the full restoration of the rights of Afghan women through a constitution.
3. Support the participation of women in the interim and long-term governments of Afghanistan.

Please sign this statement of support with your full name and address, pass copies on to your friends and organizations, and email or mail to the address below.

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Mail to: Nasrine Gross
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Headquarters: Shoukria Haidar, Negar-Soutien aux Femmes d’Afghanistan, BP 10, 25770 Franois, France, Initial signers include: Hon. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Betty Friedan, Hon. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Ambassador Bruce Laingen, Dr. Martha Burk, Catherine Deneuve, Christopher Hitchens, Hon. Karen McCarthy (D-MO), Eleanor Smeal, Gloria Steinem, Isabel Morel Letellier, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Hon. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Hon. Connie Morella (D-MD), Hamed Karzai, Dr. Abdullah, Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, Mrs. Zarghuna Qanooni, Mawlawi Shinwari, Mrs. Said Bibi Naqi, Yusuf Pashtun, Karim Khalili, √Ė


Statement of Support