Compiler: Nasrine Gross
The Roqia Center for Women’s Rights, Studies and Education in Afghanistan

This book is a compilation of all the verses in the Koran that mention the word woman or the feminine pronoun. The Koran has more than 6,000 verses and those pertaining to women are scattered all throughout. This book is a pioneering attempt to collect in one single place all that God has said about women in the Koran. The book is intended as an informational reference for both researchers of women’s issues and lay people. It contains a first chapter describing the scope of the work, a second chapter reciting the verses in translation of Dari/Farsi, a bibliography and an appendix that cross-references each verse with various topics such as divorce, etc.

As of 2017, this Dari/Farsi version has gone through four printings in Afghanistan. It has been distributed to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (for all its 34 provincial directorates), members of the lower house of the Parliament, a number of schools, university libraries, many civil society organizations and individual experts in the subject.

The compiler has prepared an English version and is currently looking for a publisher.

A copy can be purchased via our Publications page.

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