JRS manager in Bamiyan, Afghanistan
The JRS Afghanistan Project Director in Bamiyan discusses education programs in Afghanistan.
(Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

Periodically Kabultec likes to recognize organizations that are performing commendable work in the areas of women’s rights, education, and democracy in Afghanistan. One organization with a similar vision for Afghan girls and education is the Jesuit Refugee Service. While they have programs spread across the country, their Bamiyan-based activities were highlighted in a recent release.

In Bamiyan city, JRS offers training for high-school aged children in the subjects of English language, basic computer skills, and teacher training. In addition, JRS assists students preparing for university entrance examinations. The courses educate five thousand students each year, and JRS strives to ensure that at least half are female. All classes are held in Bamiyan, but they are so popular that many students travel from neighboring provinces to study. Most classes are co-ed, requiring boys and girls to study and learn together—an element Kabultec stresses in its own classrooms.

For more information, please view the full article at the JRSUSA website.

Jesuit Refugee Service offers educational opportunities for Afghan girls
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