One of our biggest activities each year is our annual benefit dinner, held each autumn in the Washington, DC area. Since 2002 we have had fifteen dinners. At this fun and popular event we bring a host of authentic Afghan handicrafts--made mostly by women in Afghanistan--and cook a traditional Afghan celebration feast. Guests come to eat the delicious food and purchase the crafts through a silent auction. We also make sure to invite a couple of speakers who have visited Afghanistan during the year to report on Kabultec’s in-country projects—namely the Roqia Center and couples literacy classes—as well as the country's overall situation.

In this way we not only promote our work and raise funds, but we also do outreach for both countries: we bridge the information and knowledge gap that exists between the two countries. We think it is a service to both sides!

The 2016 benefit dinner will be held at the Elmer Timberman Masonic Lodge in Annandale, Virginia.

We want to thank the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church for its support over the years. In particular, since 2002 it has hosted Kabultec's annual benefit dinner. Its generosity, belief in justice, and resounding dedication to peace and democracy for all of us, wherever we may be. We have been enriched by their support and spiritual fortitude, and hope that they have enjoyed our company. We also thank the Masons and look forward to a long and wonderful association--for Kabultec, Afghan women, and America.
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